Kārearea Square Earrings

Tania Tupu

Kārearea Square Earrings by Tania Tupu

The falcon spiritually carries a message of transition and change. Take flight with this powerful visionary bird representing fearlessness, wisdom, and kaitiakitanga. 

Inspired by the need for change, to be fearless, versatile and adaptable like the kārearea. Aronui triangular pattern seen on the tail references the pursuit of knowledge about the natural world.

The New Zealand Falcon or kārearea is one of our most threatened birds of prey with less than 8,000 birds remaining.  

Rarely seen and mistaken for the kāhu we need to be mindful and aware of what's happening around us and how our past persecutions and ecological factors leading to a decline in numbers. 

Diamond-shaped, handcrafted 3 Dimensional NZ artwork

Check out the angled Kārearea head turned and protruding out giving you a bit of a side-eye!

DIMENSIONS: 3cm x 3cm
HOOKS: Sterling Silver


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