Yaëlle Pochon

Yaëlle Pochon - Nelson

Yaëlle Pochon was born and raised in Switzerland. From a line of seamstresses, she spent many happy hours on the sewing machine as a child and grew up with a love for textile arts.

With the desire to explore art through a range of materials, Yaëlle graduated as a glass painter at Ecole de Vitrail et de Création (CH) in 1996 and began to combine glass, textile and ceramic to create an extensive collection of figurative sculptures.

A resident of New Zealand for over 2 decades, Yaëlle undertook further studies and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts & Media and a Graduate Diploma in Teaching. She majored in visual arts and design and was awarded distinction in her studio work which comprises screen-printing, painting, photography and digital design, before becoming a Fashion Design Teacher. Yaël has since combined her knowledge, experience, and passion for art and fashion to create Yaël:Design.