Amy Lynch and Katie Baptiste – Metal METcALfe

Amy Lynch and Katie Baptiste – Metal METcALfe


Two curly-haired creative sisters combining a love of play, colour, repurposed materials and mother nature. They create smile-generating artworks from 44-gallon drums, repurposing an industrial waste material from the food industry. They love to share their story of creative collaboration & experimentation, their play-based approach and how they elevate repurposed materials through artistic endeavors. They enjoy the fact that their practice enables them to get grubby, problem solve and experiment, whilst bringing smiles to our customer’s and client’s faces.

They combine 3D skill-sets from previous roles in furniture, product and fashion and throw in child-like playful antics to explore their ‘what if we…?’ questions. From a 250m2 workshop, design studio and pink-floored gallery space in an old mushroom farm in Hawke’s Bay, they seek ways of minimizing waste through joyful and playful art practice.


BA (Hons) Furniture/Product Design, Kingston University, UK


MA (Hons) Interior Design, UCLAN, UK

BA (Hons) Fashion Design with Technology, MMU, UK