Peter Jones

Peter Jones, Nelson

Peter's grandfather was a professional wood carver and furniture maker and he has strong childhood memories of him in his workshop, chap chapping with mallet and chisel, the smell of wood shavings, Navy Cut cigarettes, shellac, and glue made from boiled down horse hooves heavy in the air. It is here his fascination for working with wood began.

His current creative inspiration comes through life experiences and memories. The graceful curves of a yacht under full sail, cogs in a gearbox, an airline pilot’s badge, the stars at night, African and Maori indigenous art have been influences in some of his designs.

Each piece is made mainly from materials sourced from skips, op shops and recycling centres. Exotic hardwoods, bone, Paua shell and Mother of Pearl, even old knitting needles and pieces of wire are given a new lease of life where their beauty can shine and make each piece unique.