Joni Murphy

Joni Murphy, Taranaki

Joni is a full-time professional artist from Taranaki. Deeply inspired by nature, Joni’s art is informed by living specimens gathered from her surroundings. Observing and recording through the seasons, Joni creates works of art representative of the local environments, from the beach to the bush.

“My intention is to evoke nostalgic memories of beach flora, wild flower dells, native bush and forests, and untamed nature. The textures, colours and movement of beach flora has captivated my imagination. We are so very lucky in Taranaki to have rich coastlines blooming with a multitude of grasses, flowers, flaxes and shrubs with wonderful colours and shapes. Contrasted against dramatic seas and skies, it is a symphony for the eyes. I hope to bring to attention the dependency we have on our botanical life, not only for physical well-being but for our spiritual/emotional well-being also”

Over the years of her practice, Joni’s work has developed a strong focus on indigenous and endemic plant life. Her aim is to bring awareness to the need to preserve and protect our native species, by showing them in beautiful works of art, developing connections and educating new audiences.

Working in a variety of mediums, painting is an intuitive process, creating spaces, a layering of experiences. It is a process of being present to what comes, discovering new subtleties. Responding to her immediate surroundings and the changes of seasons, recording the passing of time.