Marilyn Andrews

Marilyn has been a full-time professional artist for 30 years, working from her home studio and gallery beside the Brook Stream. She enjoys the vibrancy of colour, and painting is a wonderful excuse to play with shapes, colours and textures on the canvas surface.

In 1993 she graduated from Nelson Institute of Technology with a Certificate in Art and Design and Diploma in Visual Arts, majoring in sculpture and jewellery. She has been a finalist in the New Zealand Wearable Art Awards, multiple finalist in the Telecom Art awards, winner of the Yellow Pages Arts Scholarship in 2003, published in “Favourite New Zealand Artists” and featured in “New Zealand – A Painted Country” (Nov 2007) and “Artists Impressions of New Zealand” (2011).

Her landscape images grace wine labels both locally and in Japan. She has had outlets around New Zealand, exhibited for a time at Eclipse Gallery in Hitchin, England and ‘Gallery at The Wentworth’ in Sydney and Udara Art Studio in Melaka, Malaysia.

Marilyn has a strong connection with nature and loves being outdoors gardening, walking and luxuriating in the wonder of life. She considers herself an ambassador for nature. Her commissioned works cover a wide range of styles including illustrating a children’s book.