Huhu Design

John and Maree Squire, Blenheim

Huhu Crafted Wood Design

"When I grow up I want to be...." 
Tapping into his inner child,  John is following his dream to design things.
A back injury , a few years ago, changed the direction of life so when life throws lemons make lemonade! 
Drawing from experiences on the family farm and an interest in mechanical engineering , Huhu was born. 
Why Huhu? The humble huhu grub depends on wood for sustenance, so does John. The humble huhu will one day have wings. Maybe John will to!
Made from untreated NZ pine and some recycled native timber, Huhu toys are designed to be robust and John's desire is to encourage imaginary play within a known world. To encourage children to dream about what they could be when they grow up!