Lisa Fe'ao

Lisa was born and raised in Auckland on the North Shore.  

All her life she was sickly and was finally diagnosed at 45 with a primary immune disorder.

When she became too ill to continue working she started making art as a way to create, but also to feel she had a purpose. The art is all done from her bed, and her bedroom is my studio. Lisa is proud to be an emerging artist in her late 50's, and to create in spite of difficulty.

That said, her art is filled with joy and pathos. She is quite obsessed with fairy tales and anthropomorphic animals.

Lisa loves vintage and so uses vintage books to decoupage her work. Cutting out the pictures for a new project keeps her busy, she usually has about 5 projects going at the same time!

She hopes that her work brings people joy. It is created with great care and infused with the best of Lisa.