Kim Smylie

Kim Smylie - Taupo

 As a artist, Kim Smylie is always looking for the next opportunity to translate her love for Aotearoa into artistic expressions. with having a very strong connection to this beautiful country

Her Ancestors came to New Zealand in 1841 and Proudly claimed to be the first pakeha baby in the settlement of New Plymouth, but was also the first native New Zealander of the Climo Clan in this country, The traditional stories that  - the gift by a local Maori Chief of a plot of land in the new settlement on his first seeing a white skinned baby

They gained knowledge & experience essential for survival. they learnt the arts of the Maori, learnt their language fluently and learnt their customs; foods and remedies. They learnt how to swim and ford rivers, how to provide food and shelter and fire; they learnt how to trap & shoot birds and ducks, and learnt how to fish. they learnt about the many uses of bush plants & timbers

She loves getting my hands into the earth and working with clay, weaving, macramé, Fibres, lead lighting, woodwork and sculpting.

Therefore with the help of the Maori culture she is incorporating a modern twist to her Art and reusing and recycling different elements and creating pictures with meanings.