Huia Feather Earrings

Tania Tupu

Huia Feather Earrings by Tania Tupu

A feather of a huia was given as a token of friendship and respect and worn by high ranking chiefs symbolizing leadership and mana.

The most sacred bird of all of Tane's children, graceful, vulnerable and socially quiet, a bird that bonded in pairs for life. 

Poutama Porourangi tukutuku design on the huia feather represents the search for knowledge and was a pattern introduced by Tania's ancestor Sir Apirana Ngata representing their famous ancestor Porourangi of Ngati Porou.  

Shaped like the tukutuku panels that adorn the walls of our wharenui

Handcrafted 3 Dimensional resin earrings

DIMENSIONS: 5cm x 1cm 
HOOKS: Sterling Silver

Cream Feather
Black Feather

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