What Happened to the Moa

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What Happened to the Moa - Paperback

This children’s book unravels the fascinating story of what happened to the moa, the legendary flightless bird of Aotearoa New Zealand. In this gloriously illustrated book, Ned Barraud describes the nine different species of moa, ranging from a small bush moa just over a metre high, to the giant moa at 3.6 metres high. It also covers where and how moa lived, and, tragically how they were wiped out within 200 years of Maori arriving in New Zealand.

The book concludes with one of the last probable sightings of a moa, by a girl from a settler family in Fiordland in 1880.

This book is for any child curious to learn more about our most remarkable bird.

Dimensions    210 × 275 mm
ISBN    9781988550121

Dimensions    210 x 275 mm

Book Type    Paperback / softback

Author    Ned Barraud

Author Bio    Ned Barraud has been illustrating children's books since 2000, after studying art at Victoria University. He has illustrated seven books in the highly successful Explore and Discover series of books about different ecosystems in New Zealand, and five other books on his own, including 'Watch out for the Weka', 2018's acclaimed book on insects 'New Zealand's Backyard Beasts' and two further books in 2019, 'Tohora' and 'Rock Pools'. He lives in Wellington with his wife and three children.

Number of Pages    32