Waipapa - Cable Bay - Art Print

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Waipapa - Cable Bay art print from artist Anna Evans

Printed on Canvas - ready to hang

50cm x 50cm

(all measurements are approximate)

Anna Evans

Born in the UK Anna migrated to NZ as a child. Her earliest memories of New Zealand are reflected in the surreal hyper vivid application of colour she applies to her artworks. Arriving from the rainy landscapes of Northern England to the sub tropical North Auckland the bright hues of the New Zealand landscape it’s flora and fauna left a lasting impression and lifelong inspiration. 

Anna’s work focus largely around the landscapes she grew up around. The turquoise waters of the Okura marine reserve, it’s sun catching volcanic cones and the reflected hazy tones of dusk and dawn that bring to life the voices of her favourite bird life, the iridescent and vocal Tui, the fluttering fantails and rainbow blessed Eastern Rosellas.

Anna imagines her landscapes in times before the movements of people. Solitaire visages of dreamlike moments, a buzzing sunrise, a humming dusk. The slow passage of sunlight across the undulating hillsides and fluorescent flashes of glittering waterways and feathers in flight.

Educated at Elam school of fine arts, Anna now resides with her family in the Far North of New Zealand which features predominantly in her more recent works.


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