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The Caker

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? The talented Jordan Rondel, aka The Caker, has crafted delicious recipes that are as artful as they are irresistible. Influenced by her French roots, Jordan has had a love of baking from an early age, and has been known as The Caker since 2010. She created specialty treats from surprising combinations that you can’t buy in your average cake shop – but that you can now make for yourself at home. Whether you’re simply a taste-chaser or your diet is gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan, these recipes are endlessly adaptable to suit your dietary requirements, and they utilise as many unrefined ingredients as possible. This book is ideal for anyone who is health-conscious and who demands a baking book packed full of nutrition. Organised by season, who could resist summer cakes with fresh berries? Or the reassuring presence of citrus, pears and apples in winter? The cakes in this book are designed to bring joy, and to be the treats that meet your needs. These cakes are more than mouthfuls: these are edible dreams.

Weight    800 g
Dimensions    251 × 189 mm
ISBN    9780995118010

Dimensions  251 x 189 mm

Book Type    Hardback

Author    Jordan Rondel

Author Bio    There are many reasons I became The Caker. The most simple, underlying and undeniable reason is this: I see cakes as an edible expression of love. They can sometimes say what words can't. They bring people together. They are a symbol of celebration in life (alongside champagne). I am The Caker because there is more to cake than meets the eye. I have spent my life becoming the baker that I am. All my years of experimentation and my absolute dedication to perfecting my recipes are worth it when I witness someone taking that bite that makes them close their eyes and feel delight. This is what I work for: to create cakes that confirm and emphasise the beauty of a moment.

Number of Pages    188