Slow Glide - Limited Edition Solargraph Print

Adi Tait

Slow Glide - Limited Edition Solargraph Print by Tasman artist Adi Tait

56cm x 38cm

Edition 1/10

SOLARGRAPHS (aka Cyanotypes or Blueprints)

The story of Solargraphs begins in 1842 when a way was discovered for draughtsmen to create copies of drawings. Adi has developed this process one step further by combining digital techniques with UV sun exposure. Each handmade piece is unique in itself with slight tone and edge variation, even though it may be part of a limited edition. It is not a reproduction or Giclée of an original - it is the original. The images combine photos with textures and sometimes her own artwork, and are exposed onto 300 gsm archive quality 100% cotton art paper with archival mounts and backing.

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