Seasap Zinc


Seasap Broad Spectrum SPF30 Organic Zinc

Whether you’re in the surf, snow, or mountain bike trails, playing outdoor sports, or a tradie doing the mahi, this is made for you. Sweat and water-resistant, perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin, it doesn’t sting your eyes, stays on longer and doesn’t get everywhere.

Sun Protection that has been independently certified at Eurofins Dermatest Australia.

SeaSap Zinc contains all-natural goodness; Bee’s wax, unrefined organic shea butter, organic virgin coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic castor oil, zinc oxide (non-nano powdered), organic cacao powder, organic turmeric powder, organic vanilla extract. The heavenly SeaSap scent comes from a combination of the bee’s wax, coconut, cacao and vanilla.

The active ingredient in SeaSap is Zinc Oxide and the binding agent is natural bee wax, there is no water in the mixture - making it massively water resistant. 

Created using all-natural, locally sourced ingredients to protect ALL skin types from the elements. This includes those who have sensitive skin and/or are allergy-prone, as the hand-crafted recipe doesn’t incorporate any harmful chemicals.

Proudly New Zealand made. 70g Metal Tin