Men’s Tee - Horatio, Guardian of the Limes

Kingdom of Klah

Kingdom of Klah - Men’s Tee - Horatio, Guardian of the Limes

Horatio had been Guardian of the Limes for a long time now, and he was very proud. It is not easy to become a Guardian for the tests are rigorous: you have to fight large insects with your bare hands and be able to identify the limes from the tangerines pretending to be limes, and the tangerines from limes pretending to be tangerines, and as the fruits in Klah can change their colour, this is not as easy as it sounds. Horatio had succeeded though, and he felt this made him the second most successful member of his family, after his grandmother who had invented a telephone that could whisper jokes to you when the person you were talking to was incredibly dull. The telephone of course never got used on Horatio, as his life was anything but dull, he always had thrilling work stories about battling flocks of crows that tried to peck at the limes or having to use his own body as a shield when it hailed. Horatio felt a bit like a superhero protecting the world, for it was said that one day the limes themselves would save Klah, though no one had any idea how.

100% cotton tee (150 GSM), produced under ethical working conditions, and hand-printed in New Zealand.

Accompanied by Horatio, Guardian of The Limes story-card and the Klah certified seal of authenticity.