M.V Rena Ship Diorama

Richard Vandenberg

Diorama of scene of the ship MV Rena by Richard Vandenberg

Approx. 51 x 21 x 3 cm framed with perspex - brown wooden or white rivet style painted frame options

Richard's work is very graphic and slightly surreal, using direct profile to capture the beauty of the subjects to create small self-contained visual stories. The use of glass and Perspex is a way of conveying depth and reflecting light as it takes a 2D image and transforms it into a 3D object. It also acts as a mirror, placing the viewer into the image and narrative.

The images are printed onto a self adhesive vinyl with a plastic film, which is stuck onto Perspex. The frames are made from wood and embossed card, hand painted and aged.

Richard van den Berg is a Christchurch based artist who trained in visual communication, specialising in 3D design. Following his studies, Richard worked as a self-employed mural painter.

Frame Colour
White Painted Riveted
Brown Wooden