Honeysticks Bath Drops


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Turn bath time into fun time with Honeysticks Bath Drops! The perfect way to add creativity and excitement to the bath-time routine.  

Ignite creativity at bath time: Little artists will look forward to bath time with Honeysticks Bath Drops. Each drop dissolves in the water. Children can experiment with mixing colours together to create even more bathtub fun! Each pack contains 36 coloured bath drops in red, yellow and blue. 

Outdoor water activities and beyond: Honeysticks Bath Drops are not just for bath time – they are fantastic for outdoor water play - including science activities and more!
The safer choice: Made in New Zealand using only non-toxic ingredients and food-grade colourants, making them safe for little artists.

No mess or residue left behind: When bath time is over, there will be no mess, residue or stains left over in the bath or tub to worry about. Simply rinse away! 

The perfect gift: Our non-toxic, fragrance-free colour bath drops come beautifully packaged in a reusable and recyclable tin, making them an ideal gift for toddlers and boys and girls of all ages.