Culture in a Small Country: The Arts in New Zealand

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Culture in a Small Country: The Arts in New Zealand

Culture in a Small Country provides a remarkably wide-ranging but indepth account of the arts in New Zealand. Combining new perspectives on the past with a unique view of the situation today during the pandemic, this is essential reading for everyone with an interest in the arts.

It includes interviews with writers, painters, composers, filmmakers and other artists, who accepted the challenge of making a creative career in a country which is often blind to the value of the arts.

Culture in a Small Country has an unusual, down-to-earth approach since it looks not only at artistic innovations but also at practical problems, public scandals, and the struggle in a small society to reach critical mass.

“Like so many others, I have been waiting for this book. Horrocks’ big picture history is convincing and revelatory because his insider’s knowledge of the arts is so uniquely broad and deep.” — Wystan Curnow

Author: Roger Horrocks
512 pages