Titanic Ship Diorama

Richard Vandenberg

Diorama of scene of the ship Titanic by Richard Vandenberg

Approx. 51 x 21 x 3 cm wooden framed with perspex

Richard's work is very graphic and slightly surreal, using direct profile to capture the beauty of the subjects to create small self-contained visual stories. The use of glass and Perspex is a way of conveying depth and reflecting light as it takes a 2D image and transforms it into a 3D object. It also acts as a mirror, placing the viewer into the image and narrative.

The images are printed onto a self adhesive vinyl with a plastic film, which is stuck onto Perspex. The frames are made from wood and embossed card, hand painted and aged.

Richard van den Berg is a Christchurch based artist who trained in visual communication, specialising in 3D design. Following his studies, Richard worked as a self-employed mural painter.