Recycled Silver & Pounamu Necklace

Jacky Morren

Recycled silver and pounamu necklace by Jacky Morren as part of our 20th-anniversary exhibition.

From the Artist:

For this collection, I was exploring using all the same elements, recycled Silver which is a by-product from creating jewellery plus Pounamu, yet each piece had to evolve from its predecessor, be the same but different and most importantly not a repeat.

With this challenge in mind, the necklaces morphed from many Silver links and one Jade centrepiece to the reverse using successively more Jade links and only one recycled Silver centrepiece.

I also went progressively from using lots of soldering to replacing these techniques for, very time consuming, advanced cold connection settings so all the pieces can still move freely.

The larger pieces are completely sculpted to the neckline and are designed to sit flat against the skin conform to the natural curves of the body.

Collections: Jacky Morren, Jewellery