Glass Rātā Disc Earrings

Stone Arrow

Glass Rātā Disc Earrings by Nick Feint, Stone Arrow - Golden Bay

Glass discs cut from a recycled bottle, hand finished and tumbled, with an image of Rātā flower iron fused in our kiln onto the surface. The iron gives a reddish colour lending itself perfectly to the Rātā flower design.

Every step of the making is done by us here in the StoneArrow workshop, starting from core-drilling the discs from bottles, to being finished with handmade recycled Sterling Silver hooks. 

Rātā trees can live up to 1,000 years old and are best known for their brilliant red flowers appearing in profusion from November to January.  Similar looking to the also well-known Pōhutukawa tree in New Zealand, they benefit native birds who feed on the nectar - as well as native bees, bats and lizards!

Measurements excluding hook: 2cm(diameter) 

(all measurements are approximate)

Due to the nature of the process and the use of recycled materials, colour and size may vary slightly from photo