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Blackout Jandals

Recycled Plastic Jandals that contribute to reducing plastic ocean waste and help with beach cleanups!

Available in size 35/36 - 37/38 - 39/40 - 41/42 - 43/44 - 45/46 - 47/48

They proudly uphold the use of recycled materials in all of their products. Plastic that is otherwise bound for landfills is one of the main components of recycled plastic that we currently source for Subs' jandals, totes, satchels & tees, mostly coming from commercial, post-consumer, and industrial plastic waste, plus some that we recover directly from the ocean.

Beach cleans - one pair, one kg pledge

They pledge to pull one kilo (2.20 lb) of marine debris (plastic waste) from global ocean ecosystems for every pair of Subs sold, your pair of recycled material jandals represents the one kg of marine debris that YOU removed directly from the ocean!​

Our global impact to date:

​198,148 kg (436,842 lb) of marine debris removed from our ocean ecosystems

​15,046 kilograms (33,171 lb) of plastic waste recycled into Subs' signature products!

Subs is a New Zealand owned & operated jandal company manufacturing & shipping out of Taiwan globally.

Product features

Soles: Subs' sole formula ensures that you get both durability and comfort.​ As soon as you start wearing your Subs flip-flops they will quickly mold to your feet, providing you with sturdy, long-lasting comfort. You will have a soft cushion of comfort with every step you take. The tapered footbed guarantees you some extra durability where it's needed most in the heel.

​Straps: The flip-flop straps are designed and positioned so that you will not experience any irritation between your toes.​ The plugs are strong and durable as well, meaning that they will not easily blow out on you.

​Performance: Subs flip-flops perform extremely well in wet conditions and off the beaten track situations too. The design on both the top and bottom of the soles allows you to get a great grip on any surface you happen to traverse in your adventures.