Little Taonga

Little Taonga

Little Taonga means treasure or prized possession in Maori culture. Each design captures a little something to be treasured - the places, nature, and icons that make Aotearoa New Zealand so special.

They come packaged in an adorable little eco-friendly glass bottle with cork lid.

Little Kete - a traditional Maori basket, traditionally woven by from flax or harakeke. This Kete symbolises Knowledge, strength and life. Adjustable 40-45cm chain fits youth to adults nicely.

Aroha - meaning love in Maori featured with heart design, a perfect little gift for someone you love or to pass on some of your own Aroha. Adjustable 40-45cm chain fits youth to adults nicely.

Hei Tiki Necklace The hei-tiki is an ornamental pendant of the Māori of New Zealand  and are considered a taonga (treasure).Meaning - Good Luck and a protector.  Adjustable 40-45cm chain fits youth to adults nicely.

Rose Gold Pohutukawa. Pohutukawa, with its striking red flowers, is an important symbol for all New Zealanders.  Adjustable 40-45cm chain fits youth to adults nicely.

Huia Feather Rose Gold Plated Silver Tip- a tribute to the now-extinct Huia bird and a celebration of New Zealand's unique avian heritage. The Huia, known for its distinctive long white-tipped tail feathers and cultural significance, is a symbol of New Zealand's natural treasures. Pendant Earrings 4cm. Pendant necklace dimensions – 1.4x2cm Chain length – 46cm

Sweet New Zealand Map Fine Brass with Sterling Silver Plating. Pendant size: 3x1.3cm  Chain size: Adjustable 40-45cm. Fits youth to adults nicely.



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