Anne Baldock

Anne Baldock, Dunedin

.Anne Baldock is a working artist based on the Otago Peninsula in Dunedin. She finds inspiration in the surrounding landscape as well as the people and animals she comes into contact with.  Anne works in acrylic paint in two distinctive painting styles that she moves between; loose impressionist landscapes and more detailed humorous works that include people living with their animals.

 Sometimes the two styles collide where the artwork on the interior walls feature impressionist landscapes.  The acrylic figurative works are a humorous take on everyday situations; some of which are anxiety-inducing.  Many works feature room interiors with detailed domestic scenarios played out from an elevated viewpoint.  These are driven by a fascination for how things appear when viewed from a height much like a fly sitting on the ceiling watching life unfold. The room interior works utilise the natural warmth and beauty of hand-cut plywood forming the surrounding walls and perimeter furniture of each room, adding another dimension.  Animals often feature in the works as Anna strongly believes a pet makes a home complete.