Project Jonah

Artwork created for the Project Jonah fundraising exhibition

1st August - 12th September

A bit about Project Jonah…

Saving whales since 1974, Project Jonah is a New Zealand charity focussed on inspiring people to care for marine mammals and the oceans they call home.

Each year, hundreds of whales and dolphins strand on our shores. Whilst some are sick or injured, others are healthy and just need a helping hand back out to sea. New Zealand has one of the highest stranding rate in the world but we also have the highest rescue success rate. A cornerstone of Project Jonah’s work is whale and dolphin rescue. Over the years we’ve equipped everyday New Zealanders with the basic skills needed to rescue stranded dolphins and whales. Through this network, thousands of animals have been saved.

Project Jonah are proud to inspire and empower New Zealanders to take action, by giving them the practical skills, understanding, and resolve to protect our marine life and oceans.

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