Nick Feint - Stone Arrow

Nick Feint - Stone Arrow, Golden Bay

StoneArrow was dreamed up by Nick Feint some 25 years ago. His first gig selling jewellery was a hi-tech operation using portable display boards in Manners Mall, Wellington.

From Wellington, Nick sold his jewellery whereever he travelled until he finally made a home for StoneArrow in Takaka, Golden Bay in 2000.

Nick would never have been able to turn StoneArrow into the thriving business that it is without his dedicated and hard-working team. They are a bit shy and prefer not to be named, but they know who they are and they are awesome.

Nick is a kiwi creative who taught himself to make jewellery after finishing a business degree and realising he didn’t want to work for “the man”.

Aside from finding joy and meaning steering the StoneArrow ship, Nick is a singer/songwriter, an enthusiastic soccer player, and a devoted father to two teenage boys and one newborn. He is also one of the original founders of Tracks, a rites of passage organisation that runs programmes for young men.

Nick lives in Onekaka in Golden Bay with his partner Rose, their son Xavier and Chaos (the cat).