Lyttelton Pottery

Lyttelton Pottery - Raumati, Kapiti Coast

Founded by Rob Uivel, Lyttelton Pottery is a ceramic studio that originated in the beautiful Lyttelton harbour and is now based on the idyllic Kapiti Coast. Its products tackle particular ceramic design challenges using a blend of traditional hand craftsmanship and modern methods.

The Deksel reusable all ceramic coffee cup. 

The idea for the Deksel cup arose when Rob was looking for a reusable cup that didn’t use a silicone or plastic lid. Unsatisfied with what he found, he decided to make one of his own.

Creating a fully ceramic reusable cup was just the sort of project Lyttelton Pottery was ready to tackle, and the beautiful lid that was developed inspired the product name Deksel, which in Dutch means lid ( Rob is first generation NZ Dutch )

Having a reusable cup with a ceramic lid means less waste as well as a more beautiful product. And the coffee tastes great.