Akaroa Boatsheds - Limited Edition Print

Alec Tayler

Akaroa Boatsheds - Limited Edition Print by Northland artist Alec Tayler

Edition 29/180

61cm x 40cm

(all measurements are approximate)

To ensure colour fidelity and accuracy, Tayler prints directly from the art file he has created to his own 12-colour, wide-format digital printer. After much research he chose this printer because it is specifically designed for fine art reproduction and art photography, producing prints suitable for museum and gallery display. It uses Hewlett Packard Vivera pigments which are among the highest rated for longevity – lasting for over 100 years. The beauty of this print method is its ability to reproduce the artist’s vision with incredible clarity and fidelity. Colours are exactly as they should be – vibrant and rich. And because there is no ‘original’ as such (being a digital artwork), every print is in itself an original.

The art paper is Hahnemuhle 308 cotton rag. This is a benchmark paper favoured by fine art photographers and artists the world over. It is an acid-free art paper that guarantees archival standards, and faithfully renders the colour and detail of the original artwork.

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