The SUP Tub - 1L Stainless Steel Reusable bowl

Sup NZ

The Genuine SUP Tub!! 

Our stainless steel reusable bowls are made from 100% 304 Grade stainless steel. The lid twists on to the bowl allowing the bowl to be carried by the handle and there is a removable tray inside the Tub so you can separate your food if need be! 

  • No more disposable/single use food packaging that pretends to be eco-friendly but really just ends up in landfill.
  • 1L Capacity so will fit soup to salad to sushi to smoothie bowls, so many uses! 
  • Awesome unique round design looks so good you'll want to be using it every day! 
  • Use this and save money! Lots of retailers are now offering discounts when you BYO Bowl! 
  • Double walled stainless steel helps retain the temperature of your contents whether piping hot or ice cold so you can take your time.