3 Generations limited edition Necklace - Recycled 3D Printer Waste

Remix Plastic

3 Generations limited edition Necklace - made from laser cut recycled 3D printer waste by Anthea Ibell of Remix Plastic

Like the growth rings of a felled tree or the otolith an Orange Roughy, the rings on these panels represent each year in the life of 3 women over 3 generations: 8, 36, 63; Anthea, her daughter, and her mother. Reflections on her recent mother’s illness, her role as a mother and all of their mortality, Anthea compares their lives in a tangible item, these rings laser cut from recycled plastic.

Care instructions: do not keep in direct sunlight for long periods as plastic will warp.

Discs diameters - 6.2cm, 3.6cm, 0.7cm - full chain length 64cm 

(all measurements are approximate) 


Each piece is unique with its own colours and blemishes - they are fully functioning and we celebrate their uniqueness, as we hope you do! 

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