Kōwhai Earrings - Repurposed Plastics

Remix Plastic

Kōwhai Earrings - made from Ice Cream Containers and PET Bottles by Anthea Ibell of Remix Plastic

The bright yellow flowers are loved by NZers and the way they burst into life heralds the arrival of spring and the lightness of our steps.

Remix Plastic’s kōwhai earrings are laser cut from ice cream container lids and plastic bottles. This is the first of our products to use PET bottles! T

The plastic used for bottles is easily recycled, but this provides manufactures an escape clause - they can keep using single-use packaging while claiming that it will be recycled. But in reality, only 8% of recyclable plastic is actually recycled and plastic bottles are one of the top two most damaging ocean pollutants.  

Reuse, not recycling, is the answer and our Kōwhai earrings challenge you to switch to reusables whenever you can. Like Kōwhai flowers you can burst into spring with a positive climate action, making small changes for big environmental change! 

Hoop (stainless steel, hypoallergenic): 2.5cm diameter 

Flower size: 3.4cm at longest point.

(all measurements are approximate) 


Each flower is unique with its own colours and blemishes - they are fully functioning and we celebrate their uniqueness, as we hope you do! 

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