Relief Muscle Rub

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Natural Muscle Rub Gel - 65g

This creamy elixir of natural botanicals blended with cocoa butter is a super effective and soothing natural muscle rub. Known to relieve your aches and pains while keeping your skin silky and moisturised.

Use this natural muscle rub gel for strains, bruises, cramps, lumps, bumps and tired muscles.

Always patch test first. Avoid contact with eyes, sensitive areas, and broken skin. If irritation occurs, wash thoroughly with mild soap and water and do not use.

Can be warming or cooling on the skin dependent on individual responses.

Natural Muscle Rub Gel has been known to:

  • Relieve muscle aches and cramps
  • Reduce muscle inflammation
  • Ease PMT cramps
  • Speed up muscle recovery time and healing
  • Support exercise and sports performance
  • Use for massages on sore and aching muscles and joints
  • Moisturises the skin

Natural Ingredients, Handmade, NZ Designed and Made, Women Owned.

Here life is lived with energy, balance, gratitude and care for the natural world.

We believe time well spent is the ultimate luxury. We believe the recipe for happiness is equal parts comfort and adventure. We believe that powerfully nourishing products can be produced, distributed and enjoyed without harm.

Our premium skin and hair care is made here in New Zealand with pure, natural ingredients. We're committed to sourcing as ethically and locally as possible, with a preference for organic. Our products are developed without cruelty and brought to you in zero waste packaging