Family Tree II Cypress Family

Nick Duval-Smith

These bronze trees are loosely based on Van Gogh’s Cypress paintings. You complete the work when you arrange them, finding new relationships.

Edition 11/15

Limited edition of 15 sets, plus one artist’s proof.

The largest Tree is 21cm high, by 5cm wide, by 4.9cm deep.

Medium Tree is 16.4cm high, by 5.7cm wide, by 5.6cm deep.

Small Tree is 13cm high, by 4.7cm wide, by 5cm deep

Nick Duval-Smith was born and educated in Ōtepoti. He studied at the Otago Polytechnic School of Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture and jewellery. He now lives and in Motueka.

In his sculptures, Duval-Smith searches for a meeting point between his love for natural form and for simplicity.