angela sepulveda – gaea

Angela Sepulveda, Tasman

Angela, Gaea and 'Grow'....

What does the term Grow mean to you in your art?

Grow to me means constantly challenging myself and my work; learning new techniques, finding different moss species, sourcing unique frames and collaborating with other professionals. I started creating moss art a couple of years ago and it has taken me until now to call myself an artist, the personal evolution I have undergone is probably the most significant growth aspect.

How has your art/process/aesthetic grown over time?

Looking back at my work from when I started, I can see the uncertainty I felt back in my art. It was pretty scary to create art as I see it as a reflection of my personality and emotions, which through art I expose to others. I have learnt so much over the years, and have always focussed on pushing my own boundaries to create something unique. Where my art was quite neat and precisely organised at the start, I’ve managed to let go of my need for perfection, and now create from a place of calmness and connection. I think this is reflected in my art as it looks and feels more natural now.

What positive change do you hope you evoke in viewers of your art?

From the moment I started I wanted to create a feeling; a spark of hope and connectedness to the natural world around us. Most of us are so caught up with life and the rush of it, our children copy everything we do and learn that this is our natural state. I hope people look at my art and take a moment to breath and feel grounded, and that children will see and copy this too.

What is your favourite thing to grow? Anything you can’t grow?

I love growing my kids! They are the centre of my being and make me so proud every day. They have also taught me that patience is something that is very hard to grow.

Is there anything from your childhood that’s had spurred growth and develop into your artwork?

Thinking along the lines of you grew and your art grew with you. very young age that I wanted to travel and explore different ways of being. I studied hospitality management as this was my door into the wider world. It is pretty much full circle, since hospitality brought me to New Zealand, through hospitality I met my husband, and he enabled me to find myself and my passion.

Favourite plant?

The Monstera! And especially the Thai Constellation. It looks mighty, beautiful and complex all at the same time, and the pattern on the leaves remind me of the stars.