Watchful and Striving Kingfisher Earrings - Green


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Tania Tupu's handmade earrings of the Kingfisher wearing a poutama cloak. This bird is known to perch in prominent places with a calm, patient, and watchful nature. Here in New Zealand our native Kingfisher is known by its Maori name kōtare. 

  • Poutama stepped design often seen across tukutuku panels and woven crafts. Representing our journey and quest for higher learning while striving for excellence.
  • Launched March 2020 the newest design to the Tupu collection. 
  • Wearable handcrafted 3-dimensional Kingfisher poutama panels on sterling silver hooks. 
  • Pantone matched olive green and teal blue

Collections: Earrings, Jewellery