The Dragon Brothers picture books

The Dragon Brothers

Written by James Russell, illustrated by Link Choi. All books are signed by Russell.

Now with augmented reality content! By looking through the camera of your phone or device, you're able to see through an extra window, past the words and paper drawings. "In the novels there are several pieces of AR content on various pages. You can examine ships and sailboats in 3D, meet the evil Pitbull in person, eavesdrop on important conversations and take a look around Flynn and Paddy's enchanting island!"

Book One: The Dragon Hunters. When a passing dragon flies off with their family dog, brothers Flynn and Paddy go to the rescue.

Book Two: The Dragon Tamers. When brothers Flynn and Paddy discover an ancient map, they embark on an incredible adventure- and return with a new pert!

Book Three: The Dragon Riders. When their new pet decided to tkae his new family for a ride, brothers Flynn and Paddy have to hold on for dear life!

"Magical...charming...poignant" -Nicky Pellegrino, author

"The best children's book we've had in NZ for some time... extraordinary" Newstalk ZB

"A joy" -Booksellers NZ

"Children's Book of the Year" Doris Mousdale, Arcadia

"Richly imagined... Brilliant" -The New Zealand Herald