Tane Te Wananga - Sequoia Carving

Gordon Toi

Tane Te Wananga
God of the forests and the giver of knowledge

As a young carver, I was always fascinated by the large scale carvings created by our ancestors, even though most were contained within museums. I found them still to emanate an ancient energy. Maori refer to this as ‘mauri’ or ‘life force’.

The opportunity to carve something that could invoke that same feeling but in a contemporary carving was all the inspiration I needed to begin creating this piece.

My intention was to create a piece that, as the viewer comes into contact with it, it resonates an essence of something greater than ourselves; for example ‘Mauri Atua’ or ‘pure energy’.
The profound power of the bush and its inhabitants, the plants, the birds, the rivers, the mountains and the ever-changing environment.

When our ancestors first arrived here in Aotearoa they had to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to survive and thrive in a cooler climate and at times within a hostile environment. Their learnings ensured and focussed on the importance of conservation and their coexistence in balance with the environment.

Global warming, ever-changing weather patterns and natural disasters continue to show humanity that we need to change our ways if we are to save our planet.

Carvings such as these offer you an opportunity to think, discuss, and engage in productive conversation about our future. It may also prompt us to continue to challenge ourselves and the people around us to reconnect and find a balance, so we all may live in harmony with the elements and our planet.

Wood, sequoia redwood;
Teeth, paua inlays;
Feathers, Kotuku (white heron), Kahu (hawk), Kaka (Native Parrot) and Kiwi;
Flax strands and muka fibre used for bindings;
Whale bone heru/ comb;
Commercial wood stains and acrylic paint used for enhancements;
Metal stand with wooden plinth.

Measurements: 1030mm x 830mm

Base: 1030 High x 600 x 600

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