Tama Nui Te Ra

Gordon Toi

This piece represents Tama-nui-Te-Ra, the sun god. In this time we live in, our connection with the elements have never been so important; with climate change literally knocking at our door. We, as humans, need to change the way we coexist with our environment. The western world has long dismissed traditional knowledge in regards to conservation, and environmental issues. This piece serves to provide an opportunity to bring to light the value of Indigenous traditional knowledge that will provide us with the tools we need to create a proactive approach to change.


The earrings are made from Saanen goat hair
pounamu, coconut fibre and flax muka fibre.
The feathers are Turkey and native pigeon/ kukupa
Inlays for eyes are paua shell
Timber is sequoia,  redwood grown in New Zealand
Stained with commercial wood stain  and acrylic paint
LED lighting in the back


830mm in diameter 1000mm including feathers

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