Snow and Ice Moon Jar - Medium

Andrew Hill

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Medium Snow and Ice Moon Jar by sculptor Andrew Hill

Height 36cm, Widest Point 32cm, Diameter 

(all measurements are approximate)

Andrew’s main hairy clay body, thrown, bone china and white stoneware engobe, metal found objects from Milford Sound commercial harbour, oxides, glazes. Multiple firings to build up the glazes. Gas fired - reduction/oxidation schedule – 900c to 1130c.

Andrew Hill is an artist specialising in ceramic sculptural forms, focussing on emotional responses and interactions which encourages the observer to imagine past, present and future conversations between the figures and imagined others. The meanings behind the sculptures can be perceived to have both dark and light connotations, often containing fun, love, anxiety, sexual tension, anger, but always drama within their sensitive expressions, form and posture.