Sealion of Approval - Acrylic on Film framed

Wendy Lineham

Measures approx. 660mm x 880mm including frame

From the artist: 

Davy Jones Locker Oxford Dictionary via google – “the bottom of the sea. Especially regarded as the grave of those drowned at sea.”

What belongs in Davy Jones locker? Outdated views and petty rules. What ends up in Davy Jones locker; dumped stuff. Out of sight, out of mind… not my monkey…

Single-use plastics and climate change are linked. Plastic is spending its long afterlife in Davy Jones locker, often inside our marine life.

Before being brave it is quite common to duck and hide. I have long been fascinated with Jonah’s times inside the whale. His time inside resulted in a changed resolve; accountability.


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