Path of Reflection


Path of Reflection by Tasman artist Angela Sepulveda of Gaea

Various species of preserved moss, Sapele timber frames

Like a winding pathway through a forest, each frame serves as a window into our journey, offering moments of quiet reflection amidst the bustling energy of growth and renewal.

90cm x 60cm x 8cm

(all measurements are approximate)

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Care instructions:

Unlike living moss, preserved moss does not require any watering and won't grow. Exposing preserved moss to water can cause it to become soggy and lose its shape. Keep your artwork away from sources of moisture to ensure its longevity.

Avoid prolonged direct sunlight or direct heat (eg. radiator or fireplace). Preserved moss is UV resistant so won't changecolour, but the minerals in the moss will dry out and make the moss brittle and break when touched. When moved out of direct sunlight, the softness will bounce back. Short periods of direct sunlight will not damage the moss when untouched.

Preserved moss is dust and insect repellent and won't require any cleaning. The frames / bowls / vessels are all made of natural, untreated timber and can be dusted with a dry cloth. Ensure no water or cleaning product is used as this can damage / stain the wood.