Historical Map of New Zealand by Captain James Cook.

Mark Banks

Originally printed in 1772, this fine reproduction is an exact facsimile of the first complete map ever printed of New Zealand, Aotearoa.

Captain James Cook, one of histories greatest mariners, produced this remarkable example of the cartographer's art on his first voyage to the South Seas in 1769-70

The last large temperate landmass to be charted, New Zealand was proved to be a group of large islands by Cook, disproving the popularly held theory of his time that a great southern continent balanced the northern regions. 

The only two major anomalies in this outstanding map, the rending of Banks Peninsula as an island and Stewart Island as a possible peninsula, were both caused by poor weather, making a close inshore passage dangerous.

This fine facsimile has been reproduced from an original of 1772, printed onto a folio sheet of 100% cotton rag paper (archival quality) and then coloured by hand in original tints.


Framed and unframed prints available. 

Framed: 670 x 890 mm, $650

Unframed: 560 x 750mm, $155


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