Dragonfly wing ring with Baguette diamond

Adele Stewart

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By Adele Stewart.

"When I was a teenager I would go up into the Molesworth station with my Dad on beekeeping missions. Well, I would go explore high country creeks and see how many giant dragonflies I could spy.

This ring is cast in sterling silver from a mould I had made of a ring I hand carved out of jewellers wax.

Then I flush set the baguette diamond to represent the pterostigma, the black mark on the leading edge of the wing.

I then hand carved all the veins with my graver (a hand held cutting tool which uses my strength and control only, so there is no machine involved.)

The widest part of the engraving is 19.5mm wide and 6mm deep.

I make many of these rings but they are all different as I engrave each one by eye. 

I love engraving with a graver, the process, the simplicity, the skill and the result. You just can’t get that bright sparkle and hand crafted feel with laser cut or cast or roll printing techniques.

Enjoy a rare piece of jewellery that is made with skill and passion."

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