Pebble Necklace with Sterling Silver Bead

Maike Barteldres

The pendant is made from one pebble that was drilled and cut in half and the two halves connected again with a Sterling Silver Bead. This Greywacke pebble came from Birdlings Flat on the Banks Peninsular.

It hangs from a Stainless Steel cable with a Sterling Silver Clasp

The pendant measures approximately 45 x 32 x 8 mm and the cable is 57 cm long


The first artistic act is to walk along the beach and pick the right pebble...

I believe that stone is not a dead material but animated, though at a very slow pace.  When working with a pebble, I have respect for the enormous space of time it took for the rock to form and then to be shaped by the elements.

 My attitude towards nature has changed since moving to New Zealand.

Trips to the beach with the dog are part of my routine. Pebbles and gravel are part of my daily life on my way to work and during weekends in nature. The different types and qualities of the stones and the emotional connection to the landscapes they come from suggest how to use them and influence the design.