Cone Hut - Mini Tramping Hut

Kemi Niko and Co

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Mini Tramping Hut made by Kemi Niko and Co from recycled and repurposed materials

Cone Hut - Dimensions approximately 9cm x 7cm 

Tararua Forest Park, Wairarapa

Built in ’46 and rebuilt with the same materials in the early ‘80s by Aotearoa’s first tramping club, the Tararua Tramping Club. One of the best surviving examples of a totara ‘slab hut.’

Rimu hut with green roof and chimney

Material specs: Mini Huts are made using reclaimed 2x4 offcuts (pine or rimu) and flattened tin cans salvaged from a local cafe using our innovative processing technique. They fit within a 10x10x10cm space in a range of sizes, with the smallest about 5x7x8cm. They are wrapped in brown paper for transit and each comes with a unique mini map and info card.

Mini Huts by Aotearoa artist duo, Kemi & Niko, are collectable fine craft objects made with the integrity and spirit of the backcountry; from salvaged materials to handcrafted construction.

 Much more than miniatures of real New Zealand tramping huts, they are made to last generations and sit pride of place in your home as beloved reminders of your time in the bush.