Breastplate Pounamu Necklace

Te Kaha Pounamu

This gorgeous piece of pounamu is carved as a breastplate, with symbolic notches and a strong handwoven cord. carved by master carver, Te Kaha in the Bay of Plenty. 

Approximately 110mm wide, 45mm tall 

Te Kaha has worked extensively overseas in Europe, Asia and the UK as well as in Aotearoa presenting wānanga pounamu and exhibiting his collections. Over the long decades of his work he has developed his knowledge base of pounamu, and in particular, hei tiki pounamu, through wananga with kaumatua and tohunga. He has also examined collections in museums across Aotearoa and overseas and also private collections in Aotearoa and Hawai’i. As well as sharing the knowledge of his tipuna (ancestors), he guides by telling his personal story of reconnection with his whakapapa (genetic roots), his ohoake (awakening) from addiction, and how he has come to re-focus his life on the perpetual wisdom and freedom from mental slavery.

Collections: Jewellery, necklaces, Pounamu