Tsugai San (fantails on Kowhai) - Original Watercolour and ink

Rika Nagahata

Original Watercolour and ink, professionally framed.


Measures approx. 62cm x 39cm


"I was born in Japan but have been living in New Zealand since 2008. While in Japan I graduated from Osaka Art University majoring in printmaking. This time at University experimenting with different copper-plate printing techniques has greatly influenced my art today.

 Although I now use ink and watercolours to create originals instead of prints, my patterns and fine lines reflect the intricate process of etching. This unique connection gives my works a special feel and presence that enables the viewer to get entranced and lost in the art. 

The numerous unique and beautiful animals New Zealand has to offer also have a big influence on my art as well as various children’s book illustrators and traditional Japanese art."

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