Littoral Ecosystem - Original painting

Anna Piriluka

Acrylic on panel and satin varnish

Anna Priluka paints ecosystems on a small scale. Using traditional botanical and natural history illustration as a starting point, each relies on a range of sources – from ecological surveys or botanical identification manuals to recipes and gardening books.

They are species lists made visual. The round format of the panels is reminiscent of the magnified circles of textbook ecosystem illustrations, but each circle is also a cycle – a community either blossoming or unravelling at the edges. In a time of worldwide environmental change, they focus on the nearby and the local, on the often overlooked – the diminutive that disappears before we even notice it. They seek to celebrate the wonderful diversity and beautiful strangeness of New Zealand’s natural environment, while at the same time reminding us of the fragility that is inherent in such complex, interdependent systems

 Panel measurements approx. 745mm diameter 25mm thick

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